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Designer T. E. Goffrier and carbon fiber gurus Fast Forward Composites collaboration, the Eagle Class 53, won 4 separate awards this year. They are joining forces again to develop a new concept based on the growing trend of Auxiliary Support Craft that carry a larger array of Toys and Aircraft than their mother ship is able. The length and capacity of these support vessels has steadily grown over recent years. Within a relatively modest length, Switchblade has an unrivaled load capacity and inherent stability, not to mention expanding the entertaining possibilities for the owner and guests of its mother-ship. 

The project is being developed with the environment in mind. Based on an extremely efficient SWATH hull-form, Switch Blade will knife through the water with great efficiency and speed. The diesel electric hybrid power, combined with a massive array of solar cells can be switched to run on 100% renewable energy for maneuvering in harbors and shorter passages. 


Exterior Styling and Interior Design: T. Eric Goffrier

Builder: Fast Forward Composites


A Traditional Catamaran Hull-form can be adapted to concept, providing opportunity for expanded capacity and conventional propulsion.





  • LOA: 45.5m (150ft)

  • Beam: 15m (50ft)

  • Boat Deck Area: 237.5 square meters (2557 square feet)

  • Flight Deck: 146 square meters (1575 square feet)

  • Saloon/Dining: 170 square meters (1835 square feet)

  • Fast & Efficient SWATH Hull-form

  • Head Hight in Saloon: 2.75m (9ft)

  • Hybrid Propulsion: Diesel Electric / Electric

  • Solar Panel Surface Area: 216 square meters (2325 square feet)

  • 3 Guest Suites

  • Dining for 12

  • Saloon can open to sea providing an incredibly unique opportunity to connect directly to the environment and a grand arrival experience for guests.

  • Boat Deck can be fully or partially covered for long transits.

  • Stunning Spiral Staircase to upper lounge, flight deck arrival lobby and wheelhouse observation.

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